Friday, August 21, 2015

August 21st Daily e-mail

Hej och god morgon (Hi and good morning), 

Update Summary
We launched payload 3E today at about 7:05 UT. The payload is currently up but still has a bit of a northward component. We're hoping that it is going to continue to go more East and maybe a bit south so that we can get an even longer flight. 

We saw a GRB on August 19th at around 10:30 on 3D. 

As requested, here is the link to our CDF files for all campaigns.

News from Kiruna
Ground Weather:
Temp.:  23.0 C
Wind speed:  1.1 m/s with a max of 3.7 m/s within the last five minutes or so.  

Stratospheric weather:
Turnaround may be here but the winds are still fast and unpredictable. They are currently heading North. 

Payloads up: Next possible launch Monday 
3E  Launched at 7:05 UT on August 21st.

Payloads coming/which came down:3A launched at ~ 13:50 UT on August 10th and terminated at about 20:30 UT on August 10th
3B launched at ~4:30 UT on August 13th and terminated at about 17:18 UT on August 13th. 
3C launched at ~12:10 UT on August 17th and terminated at about 03:33 UT on August 18th. 
3D launched at ~6:02 UT on August 19th and terminated at about 12:50 UT on August 19th. 

News from Van Allen Probes:
Some new times for collection added. EMFISIS saw a lot of activity on the 17th. 

News from MMS: 
No new news.

News from THEMIS: 
No new News

News from Cluster:
From Fabien -  We may have caught a conjunction with Cluster today! 

News from Firebird:
No new news

News from AeroCube 6
From Drew and Bern - They had some great conjunctions and are now trying to get down the data. 

News from EISCAT
No new News 

Space Weather  from , and Kyoto (possibly others as well)

Kiruna Magnetometer:
There was a nice substorm and EMIC wave last night. Currently the magnetic field is still disturbed, but not much. 
It looks like there was an EMIC wave maybe in the dawn sector yesterday, but also at noon yesterday as well. 

It looks like there was some nice precipitation throughout the day at IVA, SOD, ROV, and OUL. 

GOES Electron Flux:
Both >2MeV and >800 keV appear to be enhanced and climbing at the moment. 

GOES Proton Flux:
GOES proton fluxes are remaining nominal.

Solar wind speed: 
Vsw = 463.3 km/s

Solar proton density:
density = 3.0 protons/cm^3

Sun spot number:
68. There is a new large beta-gamma sunspot labeled 2403. It is not currently Earth-direced. 

Flare activity:
Very quiet... 

kp =  1 with a 24 hour max of kp = 3

SW magnetic field:
Bz = 2.8 nT North
Btotal =  4.9 nT 

Coronal hole news
There is now an Earthward facing coronal hole. It is more poleward, but much larger than the last. There is a second coral hole which is a bit smaller but at the solar equator which is starting to possibly become Earth directed. The current Earthward facing coronal hole is expected to hit around the 21st or 22nd. 

AE is very quiet.   

Dst is currently quiet. 

Swedish Phrase of the day:
A street names down the road
här bor jag  = Here I live

Hej då och god kväll från Kiruna (Good bye and good evening from Kiruna), 

Alexa and the BARREL team. 

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