Saturday, August 15, 2015

BARREL updates August 15th 2015

Hej och god morgon (Hi and good morning), 

Update Summary
It looks like there may be some good space weather at the moment, but we are not going to be able to launch tomorrow. Hopefully it continues into Monday. The ground winds are looking very high at the moment and the Stratospheric winds are fast and straight West which would give us only a few hour flight likely. However, Monday we hope to launch and it looks like Monday will be the first day of turnaround. We're hoping that we'll be getting much much longer flights from here on out. 

We have the KML files for both BARREL flight up on the drop box now. I just got the CDF files so for everyone waiting for more precise timing I'll get it to you as soon as possible.

There will be no telecom today or tomorrow. They will resume on Monday. 

News from Kiruna
Ground Weather:
Temp.:  14.4 C
Wind speed:  2.1 m/s with a max of 4.2 m/s within the last five minutes or so.  

Stratospheric weather:
Turnaround is almost here! We expect to see it on Monday. 

Payloads up: Next possible launch Monday mid day/early afternoon. 

Payloads coming/which came down:
3A terminated at about 20:30 UT on August 10th
3B terminated at about 17:18 UT on August 13th. 

News from Van Allen Probes:
Some new times for collection added. 

News from MMS: 
MMS will be in good position around 09:00 to 11:00 UT. Burst data will not be available until at the end of that window, but we can look for 1030 – 1230 UT, or so and again later around 1400, when VAP will be back in position.

News from THEMIS: 
From Xiaojia - I have put together a couple of close conjunctions (in L) between three probes of THEMIS and this BARREL balloon, assuming that you launch at early local morning on August 7th and the geographic location is stabilized at esrange. Currently the THEMIS Ops team are working on implementing special time-based particle burst captures (at 128 Hz) during these intervals. 

News from Cluster:
From Fabien -  There is sadly no conjunction possible for a possible launch on 10 August. But the first good one is on 12 August at around 11 UT. Which with 6 balloons total is a definite possibility. 

News from Firebird:
From Alex Crew - FIREBIRD is still getting down context (low-rate data) for these periods but we will hopefully (probably tomorrow am around the telecon) commence getting down some hi-res data from this interval [likely ~1920 UT...]

News from AeroCube 6
From Drew - They had some great conjunctions and are now trying to get down the data. 

News from EISCAT
EISCAT had the weekend off so we'll update once we decide on the next round of  

Space Weather  from , and Kyoto (possibly others as well)

Kiruna Magnetometer:
There is definitely a storm going on and it looks like some EMIC waves from 8:30 - 10:30.  There might be on later near 12 but it's not clear if it's an EMIC wave or just part of the broadband stuff.

Finish Magnetometer Array:
There were some nice EMIC waves yesterday from about 5UT till about 18UT depending on the station you looked at.  

There may have been some last night but we'll find out about today's storm. 

GOES Electron Flux:
Both >2MeV and >800 keV seem to be depleted. 

GOES Proton Flux:
GOES proton fluxes are remaining nominal.

Solar wind speed: 
Vsw = 471.0 km/s

Solar proton density:
density = 5.7 protons/cm^3

Sun spot number:
46 - number 2396 is only barely viewable. 

Flare activity:
Very quiet... 

kp =  7 with a 24 hour max of kp = 7

SW magnetic field:
Bz = 2.5 nT  north
Btotal =  20 nT

Coronal hole news
There is now an Earthward facing coronal hole. It's a bit on the small side. However it may hit August 16th or 17th. There is a larger but more poleward one almost to the middle of the earthward facing side. 

Quiet active! 

reached -64 nT but currently at -57

Swedish Phrase of the day:
A street names down the road
här bor jag  = Here I live

Hej då och god kväll från Kiruna (Good bye and good evening from Kiruna), 

Alexa and the BARREL team. 

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