Tuesday, August 4, 2015

August 4th 2015 BARREL daily update

Hej och god morgon (Hi and good morning), 

Update Summary
Things are moving along here under the dome here at ESRANGE. We have three payloads set up.  There is another balloon mission launch tomorrow morning, but we're  on track for a launch dress rehearsal Thursday morning and our flight readiness review with NASA on Friday.

There are now daily google Earth KML files for both RBSP and MMS in drop box. KML files for Firebird and THEMIS will hopefully follow soon. 

NOAA is predicting an increase in geomagnetic activity late in the day on August 6th due to a recurrent positive polarity high speed stream.

News from Kiruna
Ground Weather:
Temp.: 15.0 C
Wind speed: 1.6 m/s E with a max of 3.5 m/s E within the last five minutes or so. 
Precipitation (rain): 0.0 mm

Stratospheric weather:
At today's briefing we talked with the meteorologist and we'll soon start getting Stratospheric wind updates with rough predictions of the flight paths.

Payloads up: First possible launch date August 7th

Payloads coming down:N/A
News from EFW:
No news is good news
News from Firebird:
From Alex Crew: Flight unit 4 is completely full from our campaign 4, Flight unit 3 is 97% full (should fill up later today). We are finishing downlinking some of our hi-res and catching up on our context data, but should be able to meet an August 7th turn around launch.

Space Weather  from Spaceweather.comSWPC.noaa.gov , and Kyoto (possibly others as well)

Kiruna Magnetometer:  http://www.irf.se/Observatory/?link=Magnetometers
Looks like there was a nice ULF wave, but it's below a Hz so hard to say exactly what frequency on the given Y-scale.

GOES Electron Flux:
GOES 2MeV electrons remain elevated.

GOES Proton Flux:
GOES proton fluxes are remaining nominal.

Solar wind speed: 
Vsw = 434.7 km/s

Solar proton density:
density = 4.1 protons/cm^3

Sun spot number:

Flare activity:
There are very small chances (<10 48="" a="" br="" class="" flare="" hours.="" in="" m="" nbsp="" next="" of="" or="" the="" x="">
kp =  1with a 24 hour max of kp = 2

SW magnetic field:
Bz = 1.9 nT north
Btotal =  4.7 nT 

Coronal hole news
There are no large coronal holes currently on the Earthward facing side of the Sun. 

AE is currently very quiet. 

The  current Dst is very quiet

Daily BARREL check in information: First Telecon on August 5th 2015, tomorrow. 

Swedish Phrase of the day:
My hovercraft is full of eels -> Min svävare är full med ål
Why this phrase you ask? I forgot to ask a local for a good phrase for the day and googled Swedish phrases and this is what came up. See here

Hej då och bra kväll från Kiruna (Good bye and good evening from Kiruna), 

Alexa and the BARREL team. 

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