Sunday, August 2, 2015

On the way to Sweden.

Robyn and a portion of the crew should be up at ESRANGE and enjoying the midnight sun... Well by enjoying I mean unpacking and setting up our lab space. I'm meeting up with George from the HiT&MIS team in Nework and then off to Stokholm and finally on to Kiruna and ESRANGE. 

I believe a few days behind us will be Gar and the undergrad crew who will be flying some of their instruments on our balloons. Some Canadian friends will also be coming up to gain some experience for their upcoming campaigns. 

Throughout the campaign we'll have different BARREL personal coming through. It's a bit easier to Sweden than it is to get to Antarctica. We might not get to see photos of penguins this year, but I'm sure we'll find some other nice photos to share. 

And with that our plane is about to go...

Happy flying

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