Friday, January 10, 2014

BARREL Daily Update Jan 10th *with video of the campaign thus far*

Hi All, 

We may have a launch later today from SANAE. Apparently there were no winds earlier today... at 1:00am this morning. 2W is likely coming down. It has been loosing altitude all morning and is no longer at an altitude which produces good scientific data (although sometimes at this altitude we do see events if they are strong enough). 

As I'm sure you all know now, the CME was very underwhelming. Bz stayed north for most of the night. Bz is not turning southward. Maybe if we are really lucky the bulk of the storm is still coming maybe last nights was the one from the first SEP? I know wishful thinking. That sunspot area has also become quiet but it is still quiet complex so there is still potential for it to produce another large flare. 

Ground Weather:
Temp.: -9. C
Wind speed: 21 knots 

Halley 6: 
Temp.: -2.3 C
Wind speed: 13 knots 

Payloads up: Possible launch today from either site
Halley 6:  2T, 2I, 2K, 2L

Payloads coming down:

Collection times for EFW:  
2014-01-02 (pass quite a ways to the West of stations)
B: 00:30 - 02:00 (mlts from 15 - 14.9)

A: 17:15-18:45 (MLTs 15-17)       Partial pass b/t stations
B: 14:00-15:30 (MLTs 11.6-13) Pass b/t stations
B: 17:40-19:40 (MLTs (14.5-16) Pass just west of stations

A: 16:00-17:30 (MLTs 11.5-13) Pass to West of stations
A: 19:10-21:40 (MLTs 14-16.5)
B: 17:10-18:40 (MLTs 11.5-13)
B: 21:15-22:45 (MLTs 14.5-16)

2013-01-04 to 2013-01-05   Far to West pass
A: 18:50-20:20 (MLTs 11.3-12.8)
A: 22:50-00:20(jan5)   (MLTs 15-16)
B: 20:15-21:40 (MLTs 11.5-13)

A: 16:20-18:20 (MLTs 14.5-16.2)   pass b/t stations
B: 14:20-16:20 (MLTs 11.6-13.4)   pass b/t and West of stations
    18:00-20:00 (MLTs 14.3-16.3)

2013-01-06 (A just to West, B quite a ways to West)
A: 15:40-21:30   (6h 10m)
B: 17:30-19:30  (2h)
20:30-23:00 (2h 30m)

2013-01-07 (A quite west, B very west of stations)
A: 19:00-21:00  (2h)
22:30-23:59  (1h 30m)
B: 20:45-21:45  (1h)
00:45Jan8-02:00Jan8  (2h 15m)

2013-01-09  (A just to West, B quite a ways to West)
A: 15:15-21:15 (at 16k)  (6h)      
B: 17:30-20:30 (at 16k)  (3h)
     20:33-24:00 (at 4k)   (3.5hrs)

2013-01-10 (west of stations)
A: 18:00-01:00(jan11)
B: 20:00-03:00(jan11)

B: 14:45-21:00

A: 14:40-21:30
B: 17:00-24:00

Halley Bay Search Coil Magnetometer :
Very quiet.  

GOES Electron Flux:
This data is still "suspect" but appears to be moderate and normal levels. The >10 MeV electrons are still high so there may be some contaminate from there. 

GOES Proton Flux:
There are still  larger fluxes from the SEP the other day. The >10 MeV electrons have leveled off and have started to decay but are still very high. 

Space Weather from and 
Solar wind speed: 411.6 km/s 
Solar proton density: 3.8 cm^(-3)  

Sun spot number: 106
NOAA has the likelihood of a M class flare at 75% and a 35% chance of an X class flare.  

Kp is quiet 
kp = 1 with a 24 max of kp = 3

Bz = 3.1 south
Btotal = 4.7 nT  

There is a coronal hole which should hit earth on or around 12 - 13 of January. Some are hypothesizing that this coronal hole is to blame for the underwhelming CME. It has been floated that perhaps the winds from the coronal hole pushed it further East so we only saw the edge of it. 

From Kyoto:
AE: some activity, a couple of substorms yesterday afternoon. not much going on right now. 

Dst: quiet.

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