Thursday, January 16, 2014

BARREL Daily Update Jan 16th 2014

Hi all, 

2A just launched from SANAE at 1:27 this afternoon! It looks like the winds will be too strong for a launch from Halley today, but we can always hope that there is a drop in wind speed. 

The space weather is still very very quiet, we should all go hunting for rabbits.... NOAA is still predicting that the space weather will be quiet over the next three days so I think Aaron's suggestion from last night should still stand, let's try to down load as much as we can while we have the chance. 

Ground Weather:
Temp.: -7. C
Wind speed: 3

Halley 6: 
Temp.: -4.8 C
Wind speed: 13 knots 

Payloads up: Possible launch today from either site
SANAE IV: 2X, 2Y, 2A
Halley 6:  2T, 2L

Payloads coming down:
Some are getting lowish but no news yet of one coming down. 

Collection times for EFW:  
A: 16:00-17:30 (MLTs 11.5-13) Pass to West of stations
A: 19:10-21:40 (MLTs 14-16.5)
B: 17:10-18:40 (MLTs 11.5-13)
B: 21:15-22:45 (MLTs 14.5-16)

2013-01-04 to 2013-01-05   Far to West pass
A: 18:50-20:20 (MLTs 11.3-12.8)
A: 22:50-00:20(jan5)   (MLTs 15-16)
B: 20:15-21:40 (MLTs 11.5-13)

A: 16:20-18:20 (MLTs 14.5-16.2)   pass b/t stations
B: 14:20-16:20 (MLTs 11.6-13.4)   pass b/t and West of stations
    18:00-20:00 (MLTs 14.3-16.3)

2013-01-06 (A just to West, B quite a ways to West)
A: 15:40-21:30   (6h 10m)
B: 17:30-19:30  (2h)
20:30-23:00 (2h 30m)

2013-01-07 (A quite west, B very west of stations)
A: 19:00-21:00  (2h)
22:30-23:59  (1h 30m)
B: 20:45-21:45  (1h)
00:45Jan8-02:00Jan8  (2h 15m)

2013-01-09  (A just to West, B quite a ways to West)
A: 15:15-21:15 (at 16k)  (6h)      
B: 17:30-20:30 (at 16k)  (3h)
     20:33-24:00 (at 4k)   (3.5hrs)

2013-01-10 (west of stations)
A: 18:00-01:00(jan11)
B: 20:00-03:00(jan11)

B: 14:45-21:00

A: 14:40-21:30
B: 17:00-24:00

Halley Bay Search Coil Magnetometer :
some very faint very short EMIC waves last night, otherwise not much to say. 

GOES Electron Flux:
The electron levels have stayed at moderate levels. 

GOES Proton Flux:
The proton levels are at moderate levels. 

Space Weather from and 
Solar wind speed: 410.1 km/s 
Solar proton density: 1.6 cm^(-3)  

Sun spot number: 87
NOAA has the likelihood of a M class flare at 5% and a 1% chance of an X class flare.  

Kp is quiet 
kp =1 with a 24 max of kp = 1

Bz = 0.1 north
Btotal = 2.7 nT  

The Coronal hole is now probably no longer geo-effective perhaps there is one starting to show it's way around on the other side of the sun. However, the view from the backside of the Sun shows that the coronal hole that we saw at the beginning of the campaign is likely starting to return. It is at a higher latitude so not as likely to be geo-effective, but we'll keep you posted as it slides into view. There are also a few numbered/larger sunspots which are due to return (if they haven't died on the backside).  

From Kyoto:
AE:  very quiet, but only half or so of the stations are reporting in still at this time.  

Dst: very quiet. 

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